〜 Bridge between Japan and the world with sake 〜

Japanese KOKUSHU to the people of the world

Be-Bridger Co., Ltd. was established to spread Japanese KOKUSHU, which is the national sake of Japan, to people all over the world under the theme of “a bridge between Japan and the world.” We are working every day with the mission of delivering the charm and splendor of sake made by traditional Japanese methods to as many people as possible.

Sake Business

Liquor retail sales / Liquors import and export business

We are committed to spreading sake overseas. The specific business contents are domestic liquor retail/mail order and liquor import/export. The purpose of spreading sake overseas is to increase domestic sake consumption. In my opinion, by achieving brilliant results overseas like Nadeshiko JAPAN of Japan Women’s Soccer, the attention of the Japanese people will increase and the value of existence in Japan will increase. In fact, there is a figure that the competitive population of Japanese women’s soccer has increased after winning the 2011 Soccer World Cup. In this way, the sake industry thinks the same, and I think that holding sake events overseas and communicating the value of sake will lead to an increase in domestic consumption. In the future, we will focus on developing overseas importers who will be sales channels and holding overseas events, so if you are interested in sake breweries, please contact us from the inquiry form.

WEB Business for sake brewery

WEB creation business

We provide web production support to companies in the sake industry. We will build an online shop to sell sake in-house, or create a homepage to raise awareness of the company and effectively attract customers. We also create an English site to promote our services and products not only in Japan but also overseas.


Company Name

Be-Bridger Co., Ltd.


1-chōme-10-2 Asada, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 210-0847, Japan


Kazuki Koizumi(International Kikisake-shi)


Import / export liquor wholesale business license
General liquor sales license
Mail order liquor retail license


Liquor import / export business
Liquor sales business (including liquor)
WEB creation business

Export Performance

Hong Kong, Singapore, Chile etc...


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