Japanese national sake to the people of the world



Liquor retail business

We sell nationwide Japanese Sake online. In order for not only overseas customers but also domestic customers to know the wonderfulness of sake, we propose sake that best matches you after a careful hearing. In addition, we will hold seminars according to the wishes of our customers to convey the basic knowledge of sake. The purpose is to let people know the charm and splendor of sake, which is the national sake of their own country, and to pass on sake, which is one of the traditional cultures of Japan, to young people of the future who have not yet seen it. That is one of our missions.

Liquor import/export business

We ship sake to overseas users who are our business partners, and we carry out export operations such as preparing necessary documents. In recent years, overseas demand for sake has been increasing year by year, and along with this, the export value of sake has been rising for the 11th consecutive year. However, regarding exports outside Japan, there are various hurdles such as quality control during transportation and language barriers with local importers. Even if the export business can be completed without any problems, it is very important to input accurate information about sake such as storage in the wrong storage environment at the site. As part of our business, we not only implement export business, but also communicate firmly with importers, such as the storage environment and the characteristics of the products, to help them improve their knowledge of sake. And we promise to deliver the original taste of sake to the local people.


We participate in sake events such as regular sake events in France, Singapore, Chile and other countries around the world to introduce Japanese local breweries to international liquor companies on their behalf. On top of that, we check the demands and needs of locals such as favorite taste and design. It will lead to the success of the development of overseas sales channels.

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